At ehand, we offer many opportunities in the form of Part-Time work for those people who seek part-time jobs to do from home. Apart from that, we give chances to set up your career after connecting with us.

However, we don't give you any guarantee of setting up your career. We only provide some part-time work through the ehand Platform.

Our Platform named ehand is known for providing a range of works including Tasks, CPC, etc. We help millions of users to get the latest and most accurate information about their careers. is a global job marketplace that has created a tangible and seamless bridge between job aspirants and potential employment opportunities. We offer millions of jobs in destinations across the globe to make your job hunt as seamless as possible with our world-class programmatic technology. We believe that great talent has no regional boundaries and with the worldwide shift towards remote working, has emerged as a preferred destination to look for remote as well as on-site opportunities in a single-point access with customised job recommendations to match your career interests.
So if you're looking for a job, be it part-time or full-time, on-site or work-from-home - has got you covered.